Modernizing Executive Recruiting for Private Equity


Rate of Return is built around three core pillars:

  1. The unique executive recruiting needs of Private Equity
  2. The need to modernize Executive Search
  3. The belief that great execs deserve a better way to job hunt


Let's dive into each of these in more detail.

1.) Having the right executive talent in place is paramount to generating a strong rate of return in private equity investing. With a limited time horizon through which to operate, PE firms need great leaders across the board either at the time they acquire a company or very soon thereafter. Traditionally, sponsors have relied on their go-to retained search partners to deliver. But as technology has evolved and with the advent of LinkedIn Recruiter, retainer search providers have not kept pace. 

Yes, they often get the job done. But not without taking a pound of flesh just to kick-off a search project. And despite a proponderance of executive information at their fingertips, they still so-often focus on "their guys" instead of finding the right executive for the specific needs of the job. 

2.) Rate of Return combines the best practices of executive search with a high speed, low risk marketplace approach to finding elite executive talent. Instead of paying a huge chunk of change up front, PE firms can get a Shortlist of highly targeted candidates for the CEO, CFO, and President-level needs for their portfolio companies at no upfront cost. 

We are aligned with value creation and are uniquely positioned to deliver.

We've spent over two years building out a network of PE-capable executives across the industries and business models most relevant to middle market PE investors. And we've built a world class database of executive talent maps - having identified and categorized thousands of executives who can step into a PE-backed leadership role regardless across dozens of sectors.

Whever your executive need, we can deliver at the speed of private equity.

3.) Rate of Return is a portal through which PE-capable executives can discreetly explore opportunities. Historically, finding these jobs meant managing a number of search partner relationships and waiting for the phone to ring.

Our goal is to aggregate enough opportunities to become a destination for PE-capable executives to job hunt.


With a laser focus on private equity and a risk-free marketplace-based approach, Rate of Return is the first port of call for any middle market PE firm looking for a better way to recruit elite executive talent.


Uniting great investors and elite executives so they can build world class companies.